23 June, 2015

The lost swimmer by Ann Turner

Ever feel like you have no control over something? Rebecca Wilding does. She is an archaeology professor at an Australian university and has been accused of misappropriating department funds. She also suspects her husband Stephen is having an affair and that he has been making risky investments with their money.

Rebecca hopes a shared working holiday to Europe will give her an opportunity to investigate the discrepancies with the university bank accounts and work on her relationship with Stephen. But before she can resolve anything, Stephen disappears while swimming at the beach near their Italian hotel and Rebecca is accused of being involved.

Ann Turner describes situations and settings in great detail. An encounter with a kangaroo at Rebecca’s home in Australia was particularly vivid and memorable. The scenes in Italy had me imagining I was there (or wishing I was), and I felt outrage on her behalf when she was accused of something she hadn’t done.
The plot was interesting and kept me involved and curious about what was going to happen next. How was Rebecca going to discover who was framing her for fraud and what was Stephen hiding from her?

I did feel the main characters were fairly shallow and that a number of secondary characters didn't seem significant until well into the book, meaning I had to go back and revisit their initial appearances, but overall this is a good story and I enjoyed reading it.

Ann Turner's website is worth checking out with an excellent trailer for The lost swimmer and lots of other interesting snippets on her writing.

Title: The lost swimmer
Author: Ann Turner

Recommended by Kathy N, Collections Development

Kathy N can’t go to sleep unless she has read a bit before turning the light off. As well as most fiction, she enjoys craft and lifestyle books to get project ideas for her rural home. She spends her working day buying books for Auckland Libraries.

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  1. I also really enjoyed Ann Turner's second novel, Out of the ice, which is set on a remote Antarctic island with quite an original plot. It is also available at Auckland Libraries.
    ~Kathy N


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