29 June, 2015

The extreme centre : a warning by Tariq Ali

Why are so many people the world over, not voting?

Why are politicians (together with journalists, but that's another story), so untrusted by most people?

How can those who don't vote now, be convinced that their votes do count?

Tariq Ali, a leading left-wing author and journalist in the UK, examines the problem and proposes solutions. He takes us on a very readable history of the past forty years in the politics of the Western countries.

He shows us how most people were led to believe that if you voted for the centre party, such as Tony Blair's New Labour, then you were voting for more reasonable and moderate governments.

However, in his view, the centre has been taken over by business-friendly, pro-corporate lobbyists who exist only to serve their masters, and contribute freely to political parties who are both centre-left and centre-right.They push neo-liberal, small government and pro-privatisation policies and have led to the growing inequality of society and most of the world's wealth being held by a tiny minority of super-rich.

For this reason the centre has become extreme and not fair and balanced in the interests of the whole of society. It's a well-thought out, well-researched look at the problem that most Western countries are facing today. And it gives us good reasons and answers to the question of how to fix it.

Well worth a read, and if you don't vote, it just may convince you to give it a go.

Title: The extreme centre : a warning
Author: Tariq Ali

Reviewed by Clare K, Massey Library

Clare K works at Massey Library in West Auckland. She believes that there is nothing you can't learn from a book, and the more you know the more you grow.

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