27 May, 2015

Who killed Scott Guy? by Mike White

I found this book fascinating as the author has carefully woven together the story of two families-The Guys and the Macdonalds, whose lives were turned upside down, when Ewen Macdonald the son in law who was a very good farm manager at the Manawatu farm was arrested for killing his brother in law Scott Guy on 8th July 2010 They both had parents, beautiful wives and young children who were caught up in this tragedy and the case was riveting to the public.

Ewen Macdonald had also committed other violent crimes and people could not understand how an upright looking family man could have such a violent side to his persona. This made a large percentage of the public think he was quite capable of pulling the trigger.
There were no winners in this case and the question remained unanswered as to who had killed Scott Guy. This book is a good read as the author explains the legalities of our New Zealand courts in detail. It also showcases the brilliance of the defence team led by Greg King and his team, in making the jury aware of the gaps in the police case in the murder of Scott Guy.
I thought the book presented a balanced view of what really happened. The jury had to decide on the evidence that was found at the time and Ewen Macdonald was found “Not Guilty”.
Title:  Who killed Scott Guy?
Author: Mike White
Recommended by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library. I enjoy reading biographies, non-fiction and real life stories. I love to travel.

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