07 May, 2015

The spirit of Rose-Noëlle: 119 days adrift, a survival story by John Glennie and Jane Phare

Have you ever read a book that makes you want to thank your lucky stars that you are reading it from the comfort of your warm, dry bed and not, say, in a capsized trimaran, drifting somewhere in the vast Pacific ocean with three people you don’t like all that much? This is that kind of book. By the end you will be filled with immense gratitude that you are not in this situation, and full of admiration for the men that survived under such difficult conditions.

This is the true story of a boat that capsized after a massive wave en route to Tonga in 1989 and drifted around the ocean for 119 days. The captain, John Glennie, built his dream boat, planned his dream voyage, and, as he was so keen to get on with his adventure, he assembled an inexperienced crew of whoever was available at the time and set off. After three days at sea they sailed into a huge storm that capsized the boat, leaving the four men squashed into an upside down cabin the size of a queen-sized bed. For four months. Take a moment to let that sink in.

The author documents how they survived by rationing food, catching fish and birds and collecting rainwater. He describes their utter despair, the crew’s resentment of Glennie, the failed emergency locater beacon, the many things that went wrong, and also their incredible luck that they survived at all. Their return to land is another extraordinary aspect of the story.

There’s a New Zealand TV movie coming soon about the Rose-Noëlle, so I’m really excited to see how they tell it. I’m going to watch it from my warm, dry couch.

Title: The spirit of Rose-Noëlle : 119 days adrift, a survival story
Author: John Glennie and Jane Phare ; sketches by Joan Grehan ; line drawings by John Glennie.

Recommended by Louise H, Central City Library

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  1. I think the movie's gonna be #amazeballs!!



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