19 May, 2015

The medicinal chef: healthy every day by Dale Pinnock

If there's one thing I love more than great food it is great cookbooks that inspire me to try and experiment with new recipes.

Eating healthily should not mean eating uninspiring food and The medicinal chef: healthy every day is full to the brim with mouth-watering recipes complete with beautiful colour photographs that make you want to rush to the kitchen and whip them up right there and then.

Some cookbooks, like restaurants, can draw you in with a luscious exterior but leave you feeling wanting at the end. Dale Pinnock's recipes not only live up to their visual promises but are easy to follow, well laid out and avoid using a host of complex ingredients that require you to spend an entire day traversing the town sourcing something you will likely never use in the kitchen again.

There is something for all occasions from less conventional breakfast and lunchbox suggestions to hearty comfort food and delicious treats that will still satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

If I wasn't impressed already this book goes the extra mile providing a short paragraph outlining health benefits of the 'star' ingredient of each recipe and categorising them at the back of the book with an easy-to-use colour-coded symbols. This enables you to quickly search the index by the health benefits you are interested in such as digestive health, skin, joints and bones, immune system, heart and circulation and so on.

By the time I'd finished the book I had a list of recipes I wanted to try and the next fortnight's meals planned out. First on the list was the One-pot Moroccan vegetable tagine, focusing on the use of cinnamon to boost the immune system, lower high cholesterol and support good digestive health - it really was a sumptuous as it looked.

Next on the week's menu is the Beet balsamic beetroot and sweet potato mash topping... my mouth is watering already!

Title: The medicinal chef: healthy every day
Author: Dale Pinnock

Reviewed by Jo C

Jo C works as a library assistant at Central City Library and enjoys reading crime fiction, most contemporary fiction and non-fiction books that inspire creativity and open her mind! Her favourite authors are Margaret Atwood and Stephen King.

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