29 May, 2015

Nature anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of the natural world by Julia Rothman

Julia Rothman is an author, illustrator and designer who recently released Nature Anatomy - a book about the science behind a little bit of everything.

Wanting to get back to her outdoorsy, country roots, Rothman decides to take more notice of the greenery around her (mostly parks) and learn about the nature that she had once found easy to ignore. In doing so, she created Nature Anatomy, the second of her Anatomy series (the first being Farm Anatomy, which I'm reading now) about the wonderful things happening all around us, if only we take care to look.

With simple and lovely yet effective illustrations and some quick notes to go with them (varying from what the rings in a trunk really mean to the anatomy of a honeybee), Rothman has made learning more about our world in an easy, gentle way that keeps moving right along - which I admit, made me love it even more. I've never been one for reading repetitive theoretical tomes about what makes a canyon so large, but I could read Rothman go on about holes in the ground and the differences between a brook and a stream for another fifty pages.

An absolute joy for those who don't mind a good picture accompanying their learning, and want to know just a little bit more about the grass on your lawn, the ants in your sugar, the kind of nest a sparrow builds in your letterbox when you aren't watching.

If you like this one, you are sure to like many of her others that we luckily have for you to borrow.

Title: Nature anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of the natural world
Author: Julia Rothman with John Niekrasz

Recommended by Dana S, East Coast Bays Library

Dana S reads a lot of manga and indie graphic novels, among other things like fantasy, general and mystery fiction as well as almost anything that has food and/or magic. She draws and animates sometimes too. Dana also writes for the blog, popculturAL, where she mostly just doesn't know how to hush up and writes passionately about how everybody should read comics. Well, they should!

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