21 May, 2015

My teen romantic comedy SNAFU. Series collection [DVD]

Japanese anime has a way of calling to me and this DVD title hit an inner checklist that made me want to watch it. Teen (check, I love teen titles, DVDs and books alike), romantic (check, who doesn't love happy endings?), comedy (check, yes I have been known to laugh out loud once or twice) and SNAFU (check, have no idea what this means but who doesn't love a little mystery, am I right?). Once my interest was piqued, I was all in and requesting it straight away.

My curiosity paid off. This anime is based on a young loner boy called Hachiman Hikigaya who is forced to join a school club called the Services Club with only one other member - a girl named Yukino Yukinoshita. She also is an aloof loner. The Services Club is essentially a club that can help you overcome things that might be hindering you in life. Some students also think that this club magically grants wishes.

The story follows Yukino’s quest to help people, with a wide variation of requests, and Hikigaya comes along to help solve his own problem (doesn't know how to connect with people, doesn't want to and is surprisingly proud of both facts), while helping other students along the way. Follows the intricacies of high school life, never predictable and shows interesting viewpoints with hints of a budding high school romance.

This DVD will make you start every conversation with your friends with “Ya-hello!” and taking a more in-depth look at your relationships with other people. And yes, after watching this I now know what SNAFU means.

Title: My teen romantic comedy SNAFU. Series collection [DVD]
Authors: Watari Wataru, Ai Yashimura

Recommmended by Emma W

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