18 May, 2015

Meet me in Atlantis: my obsessive quest to find the sunken city by Mark Adams

Best-selling author of Turn Right at Machu Picchu, Mark Adams sets out in this book to uncover the truth behind the infamous lost city of Atlantis. What attracted me to this title was the faint hope that Mark succeeded in finding a possible location or evidence towards one.

Mark Adams had discovered a few years ago that everything we know about the legendary lost city of Atlantis originated from the work of one man, the Greek philosopher Plato. The unexpected consequence is the obsession that leads Mark from one side of the Atlantic to the other in search of answers from the experts and amateur explorers who still actively search for Atlantis using the clues Plato left behind.

Traipsing from America on through Europe and North Africa, Mark interviews experts and amateurs alike on Atlantis, and tries to determine if any of their theories could prove its existence. We get to know the personalities of these people through Mark’s observations and his ability to ask the right questions. From chapter to chapter, Mark follows clues which lead to more clues, and gathers up a huge amount of knowledge and information about Atlantis. At the end he examines all of his findings and comes up with his own conclusion.

Meet me in Atlantis wasn't just an ordinary travelogue to me. It also chronicled the author’s extensive journey and immense research into one compact book that opened my mind to so many things. Sometimes a nugget of information provided a host of other possibilities towards the end result. Told in his own candid voice, with a dash of his humour added in, Mark lays down all the theories that are out there surrounding the tale of Atlantis.

I really enjoyed this book, but I must admit that some of the mathematical reasoning was a bit too technical for my liking. However, if you like enjoy the thrill of research into history and archaeology; then this is definitely for you!

Title: Meet me in Atlantis: my obsessive quest to find the sunken city
Author: Mark Adams

Recommended by Surani R, Waitakere Central Library, Henderson. 

Surani R enjoys reading biographies, travelogues, some non-fiction, and loves fiction that makes you laugh out loud. She also finds comfort in children’s fiction with thought-provoking stories. 

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