28 May, 2015

Make and give: simple and modern crafts to brighten every day by Steph Hung and Erin Jang

I love homemade gifts, I give them and, if I’m lucky, I receive them. Lately I’ve learned that the expression on the face of the person receiving my unique handmade creation is less awe and gratitude and more like What on earth is this homemade garbage?

But, thanks to this lovely new book, I can now go from being a talentless and broke giver of homemade gifts to being awesome and generous (but still broke). For that, my crafty readers, is the whole point of giving: gifts that are thoughtful and personal yet inexpensive, something that this book has in abundance.

Some of my favourite ideas include the housewarming gifts, novelty business cards, any of the gift ideas that involve crafting with candy, and the neat ideas for packaging fancy tea and coffee or for turning fruit and veg from the farmers market into stylish gifts.

The book includes all the templates for each project as well as online sources for crafty supplies, and the authors worked at Martha Stewart Living so you can be assured that they know their awls from their X-Acto knives.

So, if you have more heart than talent check out this book and you’ll never again have to see that weird expression on your friend’s face when you give them a homemade gift.

Title: Make and give: simple and modern crafts to brighten every day

Author: Steph Hung and Erin Jang

Recommended by Louise H, Central City Library

Louise H likes reading nonfiction books, especially ones with pictures. Her super power would be either time travel or interior decorating.

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