09 May, 2015

Lost and found by Brooke Davis

This book is too delightful not to review. Actually, it is a tough one to find the words to encourage you to read it, everything has been eloquently stated in the blurb on our website. I found this book a little sunburst of loveliness and sparkle, and that is  where I will leave the superlatives.

This is the type of book that will catch your eye with its cover art and definitely make you take a further look when you read the plot summary.

Somewhere though,  tiny warning bell might ring  perhaps suggesting  this book might be heading towards twee. I ordered this book and when it arrived I was reluctant to start it in case I was disappointed with a case of  too much sugar and spice and all things nice. Fear not buttercup, this is lovely stuff.

The author has really captured that delightful innocence and questioning of Millie Bird, the young protagonist, not to mention the lovely eccentricities of the two septuagenarians who gad about with young Millie.

You will need to join the queue for this one, but it is worth the wait.

Title: Lost and found
Author: Brooke Davis

Recommended by Sue W, Central City Library

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