28 April, 2015

What she left by T. R. Richmond [Kathy, Collections Development]

We are introduced to the ‘she’ of the title, Alice, in an article she wrote for a magazine when she was 15 years old. Directly after that a post in an online student’s forum discusses an accident at a local river, and from then on the account of Alice’s life, and eventually death, is crafted from reproductions of various media created by her and those around her – the things she left.

The plot may not be that much different from any that examines an unexplained death, but the method T R Richmond uses to craft this novel is really original. The forum posts, emails, tweets and even lists of music from online music streaming sites each reveal a snippet about Alice and the incidents that lead to her demise.
I didn't find any of the characters particularly appealing but despite that, cared enough about them to want to find out more.
I liked how the documents weren't arranged in a chronological order which meant incidents were revealed gradually and as soon as I thought I knew how Alice died, a new piece of information took me on a different tangent.

A good suspense novel is one where you don’t see the ending coming, and this was certainly the case with this title. It is one I’ll be recommending to many.

Author: T.R. Richmond
ISBN: 9780718179366
Published: 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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