07 April, 2015

The Faithful Couple by A.D. Miller [Sue W Central]

Powerful writing does not require a plot driven narrative to entice you forward to the next episodic stepping stone. Its beauty and strength lies in your immediate engagement in the characters you meet.

There is something slightly voyeuristic, but pleasurable I hasten to add, in sitting on the author's shoulder and watching and absorbing the relationship between characters, how  they grow, their secret hurts nursed over the years and loyalties earned and tested. Sometimes as relationships chalk up years each character maturing and adapting to their environment, they discover there are certain unspoken factors that ensure the relationship is successful and friendship endures. This novel examines the trajectory of a friendship between two males meeting in their early twenties through to their mid forties. It begins with the intoxicating instant connection, two people deeply in tune with one another, same humour, same underlying slight cynicism and delight in life's absurdities.

This is where we begin our journey and travel the following couple of decades with the friends, the nuances of their friendship, the insights each character has about their friendship as they mature with the passing years. To say more would risk spoiling what is a beautiful read. I think fans of Ian McEwan, or Paul Auster will enjoy this novel.

Title: The Faithful Couple
Author: A.D. Miller
Publisher: London, Little, Brown 2015
ISBN: 9781408705902

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