15 April, 2015

In a World [Louise, Central Library]

This Staff Pick should be read (preferably out loud) in a deep, American-accented movie trailer voice.


Okay, go: In a world where the only people who do movie trailer voice overs are men, one woman tries to break into the industry. Carol (Lake Bell) finds herself competing with her dad, the arrogant and seasoned vocal artist who prefers the status quo, and the hotshot vocal artist Gustav Warner (Ken Marino) to voice the trailer for a new blockbuster quadrilogy.

Who is Lake Bell? Her name is just two random nouns. But learn that name, because she is awesome. She wrote, directed AND starred in this indie movie, and it’s also awesome. Want to know more? Geena Davis, Tig Notaro, lots of female characters that aren’t stereotypes, and a bunch of actors who were cast for their voices and not their looks.

The take-home message is feminism! Be heard, ladies! Now that is a message I can totally dig. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll wonder why more movies aren’t also 89 minutes long! Yes, you have time for this movie.

Title: In a World
Director: Lake Bell
Year: 2013
Distributed by: Sony Pictures (NZ)

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