13 March, 2015

The little book of scientific principles, theories & things by Surendra Verma [Christine, Takapuna Library]

Despite its dull cover, this book is a little gem.  It is packed with most if not all of the big ideas that could possibly stroll into the camp of Science.

Starting with Pythagoras and Zeno, way back in 6th and 5th centuries B.C we meet the men and ideas that made the Age of Reason an apt description for the 1600-1800 years. Modern thinkers and experimenters who have been able to see further because of the technology available to them are here too.
Each entry is only one or two  pages long; the theory, law or discovery is summed up in an easy-to-read style and a glimpse of the scientist's personality is given.

Very few Africans, Asians or women make it into this book;  bias or a reflection of reality?
This is a great reminder of  exactly which revolutionary concepts belong to which well-known names as well as an introduction to people whose ideas are well known but their names are not.

Title: Little book of scientific principles, theories & things
Author: Surendra Verma
ISBN: 1877069205
Publisher: Frenchs Forest
Date: 2005

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