10 March, 2015

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith [Judy, Orewa Library]

The FarmThis month's visit to New Zealand by English thriller writer Tom Rob Smith was a highlight for his many fans here. His latest novel, The Farm, is a frantic and intriguing read, in which a son's loyalties are tested as he is caught between the two very different stories being told to him by his mother and father.

The story is set partly on an isolated farm in Sweden, where his parents planned an idyllic retirement, and partly in London where Daniel lives. Unfortunately things have gone terribly wrong in Sweden and an unprepared Daniel finds himself embroiled in his parents' sinister situation.

Tom Rob Smith has written four novels - the first three belong to the Leo Demidov trilogy - Child 44, The secret speech and Agent 6. The Farm is a stand-alone novel, surprisingly based on strange but true events in his own life.

Child 44 is soon to be released as a movie, and Smith has been writing a spy thriller series for television. With such credentials by his mid-thirties, I'm sure there's a lot more to come. To quote one of the smitten audience members at his recent author talk, Tom Rob Smith is a "class act".

TitleThe Farm
Author: Tom Rob Smith
ISBN: 9781847375704
Published: 2014
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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