18 March, 2015

Room: inside contemporary interiors [Louise, Central City Library]

Sometimes I get books just for the pictures, but if you ask me, it still counts as “reading a book”. I picked up this particular book using all my arm muscles at once – as weighty tomes go, this is definitely on the hefty side – but it’s absolutely worth lugging home if you love interior design.

Room features 100 of the most interesting and innovative interiors from around the world constructed in the last five years, and chosen by 10 curators with their collective finger on the pulse.

The interiors are all amazing (read: fancy and expensive) but they have a certain quality that makes them extra appealing. Whether it’s a café, hotel, apartment or office - rustic, glam, industrial or minimalist – the thing that seems to unite all the interiors in this book is their true human scale and a strong connection to the natural world, with lighting, plants or just a general earthy texture.

Like my personal favourite, a house in Tokyo that has a dirt floor inside with trees growing out of it. Consider my mind blown.

Title: Room : inside contemporary interiors
Publication info: London: Phaidon, 2014.
ISBN: 9780714867441

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