02 March, 2015

Poisoned Apples by Christine Heppermann [Sue W, Central City ]

We all know our favourite fairy tales are steeped in myth and symbolism. Some say the plots of most narratives can be unravelled to trace their threads to the primordial tales of old. So Christine Hepperman picks up this idea and runs with it, bringing those tales of old into contemporary times.

These modern-day Cinderellas and red-hooded girls face their arch nemeses and engage in battle. Evil incarnate might be a particular cultural cliche that shoots poisoned arrows at those trying to infiltrate its ranks, or it might be a battle against their own psyche.

This is the sort of book to gift to females of any age, an allegorical instruction manual for adolescence on how navigate the treacheries of modern life. Consider it a contemporary handbook for surviving modern warfare.

Title: Poisoned Apples
Author: Christine Heppermann
ISBN: 9780062289575
Publisher: Harper Collins, New York
Date: 2014

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