09 March, 2015

Maggie & Me by Damian Barr [Monica, Orewa Library]

Once in a while a book stands out for me because it is so cleverly written and so different that I cannot put it down, and this book is such a story.

Damian Barr grew up, gay and clever, in a rough neighbourhood in Glasgow, where being either counted against you. He has a love-hate relationship with Margaret Thatcher and draws strength from her iron will, despite the fact that her policies are undermining the stability in his childhood, for example by shutting down the steel mill where his father works and stopping the free milk for schools service.

I am so tired of stories of the triumph over adversity written with such a negative tone that, despite the positive ending, I feel depressed after I have finished the book. Damian does not do that in Maggie & Me: his writing shows him as an innately happy person who sees the humour in the darkest of situations and this is what has got him through a truly appalling childhood, his telling of which is thoroughly entertaining. I am a fan.

Title: Maggie & Me
Author: Damian Barr
Published: 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408838099

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  1. Since your review went up on the blog, Damian Barr has been announced as a guest of the 2015 Auckland Writers Festival and interviewed on National Radio's Nine to Noon show.


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