14 March, 2015

It's mine! by Rod Campbell [Dave T, Point Chevalier Library]

On a walk, wading through the swaying grass, surprises and strange things are moving in the jungle. It's time to put on your story time spectacles and get ready to spot all the hidden creatures, lurking in amongst the wild pages within.

With lovely large text, this boyish book explores a search and discover tale about ownership of our favourite things. Fun, folding flaps reveal a pop-up parade of colourful creatures to the unsuspecting eye, with a chance at the end to count together the friends we met along the way.

Parents be warned, before the tale flicks shut, our over excited king of the jungle bares his teeth with a surprise snarl.

Great to growl along with!

Title: It's mine!
Author: Rod Campbell
Publisher: Macmillan (2010)

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