30 March, 2015

A year of doing good: one woman, one New Year's resolution, 365 good deeds by Judith O'Reilly [Surani, Waitakere Central Library]

"I would do one good deed a day for a year. It couldn't be that hard - could it?"

Now, I don't know about you, but personally, I very rarely make New Year's resolutions I know are impossible, let alone decide to follow through and actually do them! The author of this book chronicles a year of following through with one such resolution.

Judith O'Reilly, bestselling author of the hugely popular blog and book Wife in the North, decided to embark on a year-long experiment where she does one good deed each day. While juggling family, friends and neighbours in the small Northumberland village where she lives, Judith recounts the many deeds and hard work of doing good.

Ranging from the small - babysitting, cleaning up dead mice, buying a bread bin for the neighbours - to the larger - trying to raise money for charity with her Jam Jam Army - she describes the lessons she learns along the way.

At times hilarious, this book made me think about the joy and gratification that comes from contributing to someone else's life and making them happy, even if it is for a short while. Although this is technically a biography, it has more inspiration than most titles for me. I found myself reflecting on my own life after finishing this, and resolved to 'be' good as much as possible and 'do' as much as I could this year.

If you want to make good deeds your next resolution, and gain the unexpected benefits of happiness and health, then this is definitely the book for you!!

Title: A year of doing good: one woman, one New Year's resolution, 365 good deeds.
Author: Judith O'Reilly
Published: 2013
Publisher: London: Penguin
ISBN: 9780670921133

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