14 February, 2015

Where We Going Daddy? Jean-Louis Fournier [Sue W, Central]

This is such a beautiful book, a lyrical declaration of love for the the author's disabled sons. It's achingly beautiful, absurdly funny and very moving.

The book is a collection of sound bites, a deeply personal communication between the author and his two boys. It is like reading a  love letter; a profoundly intimate communication between the writer and the recipient - only what makes it so poignant is the boys will never be able to read and understand the emotions, thoughts and feelings contained within.

I found myself marvelling at the beauty of the writing, the humour, the honesty, and the overwhelmingly huge emotions which far outreach such a slim book.

It seems way too early in the year to be saying this is my best read of the year, so instead I will say it's definitely the most beautiful read of the past six months.

Title: Where We Going Daddy?
Author: Jean-Louis Fournier; translated by Adriana Hunter
Publisher:  Press New York 2010
ISBN: 9781590513385

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