18 February, 2015

The screaming of the innocent by Unity Dow [Christine, Takapuna Library]

Although this book is set in Botswana and the protagonists are mostly women this is a far darker story than those about Precious Ramotswe.

Here is Amantle, a brave young woman with ambition to be a doctor. As part of her training she is sent to the nurses' station in a village far from the capital, Gabrone. There she discovers a box of bloodied clothes, that once belonged to a girl who disappeared five years ago.  The villagers believe that the girl, Neo, was 'harvested' for use in witchcraft.  This is not an unreasonable theory in Botswana; some men believe that eating  human body parts can make them more powerful or richer.

There is a huge division between the sophisticated city dwellers and the plain-living villagers but corruption and superstition taint the whole society. Just as well there are brave women such as Amantle and her friends who persevere to get justice.

The screaming of the innocent

Title: The screaming of the innocent
Author: Unity Dow
Publisher: Spinifex           

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