03 February, 2015

The look of love by Sarah Jio [Kathy, Collections Development]

Totally, unashamedly romantic!

I have read and enjoyed a number of Jio's books and this title is one I’ve enjoyed the most because it has such a clever premise.

Jane is a florist in Seattle. She has always had unexplained episodes of blurred vision and has been under the care of a neurologist all her life without any satisfactory diagnosis. Just before she turns 29 she meets a mysterious Frenchwoman who reveals what the blurred vision indicates – the ability to recognise true love. Jane must witness and record the fabled 'six types of love' before she turns 30.

Jane has many couples around her and love comes to them all in different ways. The characters are varied and all are endearing in their own individual ways and there is almost a fairy-tale feel about the story which makes it all the more charming. It's not long, less than 300 pages, so perfect to read when you want a break from more challenging books. I loved the cover too - it made me think of Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s.

An engaging read that reminds us that love is all around us and not always in the ways we expect.

Author: Sarah Jio
ISBN: 9780142180532
Published: 2014
Publisher: Plume

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