02 February, 2015

Life on air: memoirs of a broadcaster by David Attenborough [Surani, Waitakere Central library]

Having grown up watching nature documentaries on TV hearing the distinct voice of David Attenborough explaining some strange and bizarre creature; imagine my surprise when I found this heavy tome about his life! David Attenborough, or Sir David as he is now known, started his career in broadcasting from the young age of 26 and six decades later is still going strong. We learn about his rise to controlling BBC2, how he introduced colour television to Britain, his encounters with celebrities including the Queen herself, and the many remarkable journeys he embarked on to bring those memorable documentaries.

Life on air is not just an amazing account of David Attenborough's passion for the natural world, but he also tells us of the hardships he faced filming in the exotic and far flung regions of the world, and the advancement of technology as film making involved techniques like CGI and 3D. Each chapter in this book focuses on the different documentaries he has made and it brought them vividly into my mind's eye. This is a delightful and often funny read as Sir David recounts minor mishaps and other equally hilarious episodes in his life.

I found this updated version a truly inspirational and fascinating read!! If you like me grew up watching those amazing documentaries, then you will love reading about this gentle man who continues to inspire and educate us about our planet and all the other millions of species who call it home.

Title: Life on air: memoirs of a broadcaster
Author: David Attenborough
ISBN: 9781849908528
Published: 2014
Publisher: London: BBC Books

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