19 January, 2015

The heroes' welcome by Louisa Young [Christine, Takapuna Library]

Riley and his superior officer, Peter, both return to their sweethearts after serving in the First World War. Riley's damage is visible, his jaw was shot away and though it has been repaired he is no longer able to eat solid food nor kiss his bride. Riley and Nadine tiptoe around each other until they find his handicap fades in the face of their love.

Peter's damage is less obvious - he is consumed by guilt that he failed as an officer because many men died under his command.

He retreats into drink, shunning his hovering wife and young son. A sad, sad tale of the ongoing effects of war, but enlightening and positive in the end.

Title: The heroes' welcome
Author: Louisa Young
ISBN: 9780007361465
Published: 2014
Publisher: Borough

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