15 January, 2015

A pleasure and a calling by Phil Hogan [Christine, Takapuna]

There are functionaries that serve us, such as real estate agents who after they have done whatever we need disappear from our lives, or that is what we expect and what usually happens.  But what if said real estate agent is a class 1 nosyparker and keeps the keys to the house that you have just bought? The narrator here is just one such person, he also fancies himself as a vigilante, an unsupervised protector of his community.  The 'justice' that he dishes out is out of proportion to the transgression.
This is an unsettling tale, anybody of Mr Heming's mindset could act as he did.  It would be difficult to predict his behaviour and stop him. It is fascinating to get a glimpse into the mind of someone so nasty who can seem so ordinary.
Title: A pleasure and a calling
Author: Phil Hogan
Publisher: Doubleday
Date: 2014
ISBN: 9780857521880

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