22 December, 2014

The waiting by Cathy LaGrow [Annie, Helensville Library]

In 1928 a very innocent 16-year-old girl - Minka - is sexually assaulted, resulting in pregnancy.

With the support of her mother, stepfather and pastor, she is sent to a home to await the birth of her baby - and for a few weeks after, while a permanent home is found for her daughter. In that time she grows to love her baby, Betty Jane. And, on meeting her, briefly, so do Minka's parents.

But, it is still a secret. One she keeps close to her heart, only telling a very few people.

For nearly 80 years she holds her daughter in her heart, constantly praying that she has a good life.

On Betty Jane's 77th birthday, for the first time, Minka prays to see her daughter again.
The same day, a court order arrives at a house, unsealing a woman's adoption records.
This is a poignant, heart-warming read. A story of complete love, faith, and family. A truly lovely read.

Also available on CD, read by Pamela Klein; and as an OverDrive eBook.

~ Annie.

Title: The waiting: the true story of a lost child, a lifetime of longing, and a miracle for a mother who never gave up
Author: Cathy LaGrow, with Cindy Coloma.
Publisher: Tyndale Momentum.
Publication date: 2014.
ISBN: 9781414391908.

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