05 November, 2014

I quit sugar for life: your fad free wholefood wellness code and cookbook by Sarah Wilson [Emma, Birkenhead]

Do you want to feel better? Try this - stop eating sugar. But beware - there is more to the picture than stopping eating sugar loaded cakes, or putting sugar in your tea. Sugar is hidden in most refined foods. Check the label of your pasta sauce or flavoured tomatoes, watch Nigel Latta's programme on sugar, or read Dr Libby Weaver's books if you are sceptical.

My experiments in giving up sugar got me interested in this subject and this book looked interesting because I wanted to see how Sarah Wilson advised stopping sugar, and keeping stopped, in daily life. I wanted new recipes to inspire me.

Sarah Wilson's approach is fairly radical for someone like me. She advises giving up everything sweet - even fruit - for two months. This is to "re-calibrate" your taste and your system into not wanting the sugar flavour or effect. She advises cutting out all fructose, this includes that found in fruit - bananas are half fructose for example.

However although a couple of crackers and a cucumber might sustain her on a hike, I doubt a labourer would find that very helpful. Also, apart from the fact I'm not yet personally ready to give up fruit, lots of the ingredients are expensive or hard to source - proteins such as nuts, "special" stuff such as quinoa and chia seeds...and stevia or rice malt syrup in half the recipes in the book! Stevia is a plant-based sweetener, I found it in the bulk bin shop for about $30. You only use a bit, but why bother? It is surely very refined, and that goes against my grain. Unfortunately this cut out many of the recipes, and many other recipes were meaty, so not for me, but others may like them.

While I disagreed with some things, on the whole I liked her approach fine - be mindful, chose organic where possible, minimise waste and eat wholefoods. Exercise and drink plenty of water are a subtext. I found her discussions on nutrition not very comprehensive. I would recommend Dr Libby Weaver's The Calorie Fallacy for a better holistic discussion of nutrition and of the physiological benefits of cutting sugar.

Title: I quit sugar for life: your fad-free wholefood welness code and cookbook
Author: Sarah Wilson
Published: 2014, Macmillan, Sydney, N.S.W.
ISBN: 9781742613734

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