11 October, 2014

Stone Mattress. Nine Tales- Margaret Atwood [Sue W Central]

Well hello Ms Atwood, welcome back, we have missed you so.  Its kind of intimidating writing a review of such a literary behemoth but Im going to talk about the experience of engaging with her latest work.

I like that Atwood has themed these nine interrelated tales around death. You know its going to be given extra special treatment. I think your experience of reading these stories will differ according to how familiar you are with her work. Atwood has writing has  crossed   literary genres shape shifting and evading attempts to neatly sum her up.

Maybe you are an avid follower and read each and every one of her offerings. Or maybe you pick the texts that most appeal to your reading taste. Alternatively, maybe you are an Atwood newbie and this is your first tasting. (Where on earth have you been to not have read anything of hers prior??)

Whatever your experience you will enjoy the wicked sense of humour, you will enjoy the subversive streak and her nod to previous works. There is definitely something here for everyone, especially the first timer. What joys await if this is your first taste of Atwood, to look for more and discover all the splendid choices for you to follow up.

Title: Stone Mattress. Nine Tales
Author: Margaret Atwood
publisher:London: Bloomsbury, 2014.

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