07 September, 2014

Prodigal Father Pagan Son by Anthony 'LT' Menginie [Juliet, Mangere East Library]

Cover image for Prodigal father, pagan son : growing up inside the dangerous world of the Pagans motorcycle club I pondered whether this book would scare me more than enlighten me upon picking it up, but once I began to read it I felt drawn in.

At times the candor and brutal honesty of the author is unsettling, as page upon page offers a deeper and more intimate insight into the world of the notorious Pagans motorcycle gang. Growing up in the gang for ‘LT’ Menginie meant accepting a life of violence and drugs, and when your father is the former president, you are in it deeper than most.  

His father’s defining statement speaks volumes: “ First is my bike, then my dog, my woman and lastly kids.” Loyalty was everything, disrespect and dishonour always met with a high price. To make the decision to turn your back on the gang lifestyle to live a different life was the choice Menginie had to make.

Menginie offers us his story unsanitised with an insight only those who have lived through it first-hand could offer. This is a worthwhile read from a man brave enough to tell his story with such  honesty and reflection.
Author: Anthony Menginie, Kerry Droban
Publisher: New York : St. Martin's Press 
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780312576547

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