22 July, 2014

The Accident by Chris Pavone [Kathy, Birkenhead Library]

They say to write about things that you know, and Chris Pavone has taken that advice by writing a novel about the publishing industry – he was a book editor for nearly two decades.

It’s a good thriller too, with an original story that moves along at a fast pace, with secrets galore and plenty of intrigue.

Book editor Isabel is sent an anonymous manuscript titled ‘The Manuscript’  that has the potential to ruin careers and bring down companies. It tells of a shocking incident that happened to a well-known media mogul over 20 years ago. Rogue CIA operative Hayden is trying to track down the manuscript and make sure all evidence of it is destroyed, including the people that have read it. The author has gone into hiding and is constantly checking he is not being followed.

Pavone's book is cleverly set over one day. Excerpts of the manuscript are dotted through the story and they reveal bit by bit what it is that so many people are trying to hide.

I was impressed that the author managed to fit so much action in one day and include a number of characters. It's interesting to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the publishing industry too, although I don't imagine it's quite as exciting as this story!

Author: Chris Pavone
Published: 2014
Publisher: Crown Publishers

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