29 June, 2014

Wool by Hugh Howey (Anita Smith/ Blockhouse Bay library)

syndetics-lcIf you like reading novels about dystopian futures then here is a book for you! 

We start with a massive underground silo populated with people who have lived there for generations under strict rules, and a toxic wasteland outside. If someone expresses the desire to go outside, (strictly taboo), they are condemned to the ritual of cleaning. Yes, they are let outside but it is a one-way trip (and if you are wondering why the book is titled ‘WOOL’ they clean the outside cameras with wool). 

The regulations keep people safe but sometimes there are those who find out more than they should. When main character Jules is promoted to sheriff she moves up top, (after working in the depths of the silo as a mechanic). She is intelligent and resourceful and soon finds out information that leads her to question the whole system - there are secrets being kept and she is determined to figure out the truth. This leads to her being condemned to ‘clean’, and this sets off an uprising from below. I won’t give any more away as I enjoyed the progress of the novel as more truths are revealed. My only criticism would be that many characters are a bit two dimensional, however the overall concept is well thought out and interesting

This was a popular self-published e-book before the publishers picked it up, and there are sequels, with Shift (Book 2) and Dust (Book 3) following it.

Title: Wool
Author: Hugh Howey
Publisher: London : Century
Year: 2013
ISBN:  9781780891231

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