23 June, 2014

Romance is my day job: a memoir of finding love at last by Patience Bloom [Surani, Waitakere Central library]

Finding love shouldn't be that hard, right? It all seems quite easy, you meet a nice looking guy at a party and before the night is over you're laughing at his jokes and a few months down the track you're planning your future together. Most women, including our author, Patience Bloom, imagine their lives would turn out like the lives of heroines from romance novels!!

Patience Bloom's delightful memoir chronicles her journey from high-school through to getting her dream job in New York as an editor for Harlequin. She managed to fuel her romantic fantasies through the novels she edited. When it came to love and romance you would think Patience would be an expert. Unfortunately her dating life was bland compared to the lives her heroines enjoyed on the page!! Patience almost gave up on love until the day an old high school friend, Sam sent her a message on Facebook. What follows from this chance encounter is a long-distance romance like no other. I guess you will have to read the book to find out if Patience got her her own fairy-tale ending or not!!

What struck me first was the honesty and quirkiness in her writing style. She might jump around a bit but eventually we find ourselves on the right path. This book is Patience's true life experience, and your heart tends to go out to her in several chapters. It also reinstated my own belief in true love and that everyone can have their own happy ever after!!

I think this is the perfect book for both romance and memoir readers!!

Title: Romance is my day job: a memoir of finding love at last
Author: Patience Bloom
ISBN: 9780525954385
Published: 2014
Publisher: New York: Dutton Adult 

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