06 March, 2014

The Silent Tide by Rachel Hore [Doris, Whangaparaoa Library]

I have read and enjoyed Rachel Hore’s previous novels and this one does not disappoint. It is well written and very interesting. 

Like her previous books, The silent tide combines the past and the present. Both characters - Emily, who lives in the present day, and Isabel, whose story takes place during the 1940-50s - have careers in publishing. The link between them is Hugh Morton, a best-selling author of the 1950s. 

Their story becomes entangled when Emily begins working with an author who is writing a biography of Hugh Morton. Isabel meets and falls in love with Hugh Morton in the 1940s, then an aspiring young writer. Both women have relationships with authors that do not work out as expected. The book also provides an insight into how difficult it was for young women who tried to establish careers in publishing.

Author: Rachel Hore
Title: The Silent Tide 
Publisher: London : Simon & Schuster 
Publication year: 2013

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