04 March, 2014

He's gone by Deb Caletti [Kathy, Birkenhead Library]

There's a new name for novels that feature the dark side of marriage - 'twisted marriage thrillers'. Gone Girl was one of the early ones and He's Gone is in a similar vein.

One morning Dani wakes up on the houseboat that she shares with her second husband Ian to find he's not there. The night before they'd been at his work function and argued after Dani drank too much, so she thinks he is punishing her and figures he'll be back when he's calmed down. But he doesn't come back and Dani is left wondering if he has decided to leave, or if something more sinister has happened to him. Her memories of the night aren't all that clear and she starts to examine their relationship for any clues and begins to doubt herself.

Little by little things are revealed about how they got together and the state of their marriage. It's not a fast-moving story, but it keeps you involved as you (along with Dani) try and work out when Ian has gone.

All I'll say is: things aren't always as they seem!

Title: He's Gone
Author: Deb Caletti
ISBN:  9780345534354
Published: 2013
Publisher: Bantam Books

Also available as an Overdrive e-book.

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