18 February, 2014

Into My Arms by Kylie Ladd [Kathy, Birkenhead Library]

This is a book that makes you think about consequences and 'what ifs'.
It is about families and relationships, breaking up and reuniting, ethical dilemmas and the conventions of modern society.

Skye meets Ben when she is working at a Melbourne school. She is instantly drawn to him and despite being in a long-term relationship, breaks up with her partner and starts a relationship with Ben. When Skye's mother meets Ben, there is something about him that disturbs her, so she makes some enquiries and discovers a shocking secret that has ramifications for all involved.

I couldn't see a way the author was going to resolve Ben and Skye's dilemma, but Kylie Ladd has written her ending beautifully. She makes you care about the characters and what will happen to them. The main storyline is about Skye and Ben but it is supported by tales of other characters - Skye's twin brother, a young Iranian refugee, and both Skye and Ben's mothers. It was a hard book to put down as I wanted to race through to the conclusion to see how everyone's stories ended.

Covering controversial topics in the same style as Jodi Picoult, Kylie Ladd has written an excellent tale on a difficult subject. Into My Arms would also be a stimulating read for book groups.

Title: Into My Arms
Author: Kylie Ladd
ISBN: 9781743314586
Published: 2013
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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