27 January, 2014

Tumble Bee (CD), by Laura Veirs [Laura, Parnell Library]

If I were to tell you that Laura Veirs lives in the world capital of the hipsterhood, Portland, it might give you the wrong idea about this album of sweet folk songs. This is an album with very little pretension (no offence to the hip of the world) and a whole lot of simple harmonies and musicianship that will get your toes tapping even if you are much older than the intended audience.

I was introduced to this gorgeous CD by my sister, who would play it in the car for her wee boy. Yup, as the cover says it's a collection of "folk songs for children", but they are all so darn lovely I would recommend anyone who appreciates a good folk tune has a listen.

The songs are mainly traditional American numbers, with classics such as Jump Down Spin Around (pick a bale of cotton) and some Woody Guthrie thrown in for good measure. My favourite tracks are The Fox (went out on a chilly night), which my Mum used to sing to us as kids, and King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O, a neat little traditional number that I could play over and over.

If you're looking for something new to play for the kids, or just something new for yourself, don't misjudge the hipsterhood - get you some Laura Veirs and you'll be singing away to soothing lullabies and uplifting hoe downs and wishing you played the fiddle. Or is that just me?

Title: Tumble Bee
Author: Laura Veirs
Publisher: [S.I]: Raven Marching Band, 2011
ISBN: 9786314511234 

- Laura, Parnell Library

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