04 January, 2014

Micro Green [Stanley, Central City Library]

From the author of Tiny Houses, this highly pictorial guide to compact living and sustainable architecture is the perfect coffee-table book. It features everyday houses, artists’ studios and more, from across the globe – from the spartan to the luxurious.

One of the highlights is the “free house” made with shipping pallets and other scavenged materials. Many other creations blend in with their natural surroundings, such as a sleepout/artwork in the Netherlands inspired by trees that grow in the woods nearby, or a shipping container repurposed as a surfer’s beach house. Some are off the grid, or away from civilisation altogether. 

One I particularly liked was Valhalla, which resides in Iceland, set in a terrain of fractured lava covered in moss and lichen. Then there’s the almost industrial/military-inspired 4m sq sleep-out (that sleeps seven!) on wheels… a marvel of corrugated aluminium and DIY panache.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for the bach, creating an eco-house, or just for escapism, this is pure eye candy for a lazy summer or winter holiday. 

Author: Mimi Zeiger
ISBN: 9780847835836
Published: 2011
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

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