07 December, 2013

FIGHTING TALK: Boxing and the Modern Lexicon by Bob Jones

Who would have thought that a lot of the words and phrases we commonly use were derived from boxing? 

This book contains a very interesting and surprising compilation of boxing terms that we read and hear about every day.  It also gives a background when/how the phrase was derived and also the examples of their usage in politics, current events and news articles.  Some of the words and phrases have also evolved and is now used differently from how it all began.  It is a thoroughly interesting reading and one which will add a sense of appreciation to the things we hear and say.  This book is conveniently arranged alphabetically by words and phrases and provides a good short glimpse on their etymology.  So, go ahead, pick up this book and enjoy … it will “knock your socks off”.

Example of surprise discoveries include:

“Double-Cross” – which comes from the concept to “cross” or bet on someone to lose a fight, however, if the fighter who was predetermined to lose suddenly wins, it results to those with the insider knowledge to squander their sure win bets … and now the term is used to describe someone who does the opposite of what was promised.

“Right on the button” – which is a slang for a punch to the point of the jaw … and is now used to mean when something is accurate.

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