06 December, 2013

A guide to the birds of East Africa : a novel by Nicholas Drayson [Christine, Takapuna]

Rose Mibikwa is an attractive woman and very knowledgeable about birds too, so it is not surprising that at least two gentlemen wish to ask her to the social event in the Kenyan calendar, the Hunt Ball.  Mr Malik is modest in both manner and means, Harry Khan is flashy, expansive and wealthy.  The self-appointed arbitrator of etiquette at the club determines that it would put the lady in an invidious position to have two simultaneous suitors.  They agree to a bird-counting competition, the winner to have the privilege of asking Rose to the ball.  These two twitchers set out on their week-long missions both with passion but using very different styles.  Gentle humour with a leavening of ornithology and delightful little sketches of some of the birds of Kenya.

Title : A guide to the birds of East Africa : a novel
Author : Nicholas Drayson
ISBN : 9780670917570
Published :2008
Publisher : Viking

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