16 December, 2013

365 gratefuls: celebrating treasures, big and small by Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew [Surani, Waitakere Central library]

If we think about the books we tend to read throughout our lives, we very rarely actually see the author behind the amazing creation before us. In this particular book we have the pleasure of seeing the author behind it if we look hard enough and connect with what inspired her at each page. I say this because this book is actually a compilation of photographs the author took over a year.
The author, Hailey Bartholomew, had been struggling with depression and when she reached out for help, she received some life changing advice:
 'Find something every day that you are grateful for.'

What followed is the book before you. Hailey used her skills as a photographer and captured pictures of her 'gratefuls.' This amazing book recounts Hailey's recovery from depression through these photographs of everyday moments. It also has stories and images from many others who have encountered the effects of gratitude. Reading these stories that accompanied most of the photographs was an emotional and uplifting experience for me.

'365 gratefuls' is an inspirational book that has helped me see the world in a brand new light. When I recommended this to my mother, she read half and insisted I buy her a copy instead!!
I hope everyone who reads '365 gratefuls' finds the same inspiration I did!!

Title: 365 gratefuls: celebrating treasure, big and small
Author: Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew
ISBN: 9780399161186
Published: 2013
Publisher: New York: Perigee

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