16 November, 2013

Hyperbole and a Half [Sue W Central ]-Allie Brosh

How has it taken so stupidly long for me to hear about Allie Brosh? She has a blog with the same title as the book and has a huge audience of loyal fans. There is something both child like and slightly manic about her illustrations, which just makes her all the more endearing. This book is a memoir but narrated with illustrations, wonderfully deceptively simplistic looking cartoons. Its impossible not to be charmed by the author, both through her illustrated incidents of her life and the stories themselves. I love the fact that her illustrated form doesn’t change from childhood anecdotes through to adulthood, somehow reinforcing that sense of never fully being or feeling like a certified “adult”. I think my personal favourites from this book are the stories about her two cray cray dogs, “simple” dog and “helper” dog. Not to mention the sugar incident from childhood. This last one made the list because those of us driven my a need for sugar, recognise that this impulse is unfortunately not one you necessarily outgrow. Read the book-check, saved the blog to favourites-check.
Reviewed by: Sue W

Author: Allie Brosh
ISBN: 9781451666175
Simon and Schuster

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