25 November, 2013

Eat, pray, eat: one man's accidental search for equanimity, equilibrium and enlightenment by Michael Booth [Suneeta, Highland Park Library]

I must  admit that I didn’t especially go in search of this book. It fell into my hands and because of the success of Eat, Pray, Love, the title that obviously inspired  this one,  my curiosity was piqued. The story centres around the middle-age crisis of a food-loving, unfit, anxious, dipsomaniac who travels to India accompanied by his  intelligent, no-nonsense but devoted wife and family, to get a grip on his life. In a search to find oneself there is no more clichéd place in the world to go to than India, but that is where any comparison ends. With a self-deprecating humour, Michael Booth presents an unsentimental account in which the country provides the background for his personal journey through yoga and meditation as a means to transform himself. While the challenges and surprises of being in a foreign land, especially one full of contrasts like India, are a part of the story but this is not a book about the country, nor (as was originally hoped by the author) is it a foodie travelogue. What it is, is an often funny, honest portrayal of a man and how he experienced three months in India. I recommend it for its engaging, keep-reading style and ability to evoke empathy, especially in those of that certain age in life.

Title: Eat, pray, eat
Author: Michael Booth
ISBN: 9781444812978
Published: 2011
Publisher: F.A. Thorpe

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