09 November, 2013

Cloud Atlas (DVD) [Paul, Birkenhead Library]

Am gonna slobodon the tru-tru on dis. The nudda-nudda tru-tru, you so much so feel me? Oh sures it got some so many many mighty frou-frou story loins, and sos as expect to diff the twixt em, some plinkyplonk costume yummies, flummery, bouffant, and a doopidoopi twofer! Oh, ahh, eek, am a so feel your feelies, bellowing waa the far-far. Waa th-

Yeah, ok ok. But what I'm trying to say is the substory with the Tom Hanks as Islander is the clicky-cluck here. Sure he looks like he's been on a desert island with noone to talk to but a soccer ball for far-far too long - and maybe a little bit further - but  now he's come into some goats and an imaginary trickster malware of a bloke in a top hat, following him around spamming him with vitriol.  Tom-Tom is equal to the dissing though, fruity & fungal in his verbal ballyhooey. It works pretty well and probably better in David Mitchell's novel.

Yar, me heartless hearties, inventing a patois is no so easy, ach aye - esp if really you want it to be comprehensible. At least anyways, I didnay mind the lingo-bingo and it never, suprisingly, really reminded me of JarJar BinkleBoob or Ewoks, or smurfs, or teletubbies, or widescreen teletubbies or youtube-tubbywubblies.. I thought it walked okay the fine line between pedantry and preposterosity, if there is such a word, which there is, now.

The rest of the movie then? Sure, nice-ish. Dang und argleblaster, ask a buddhist! Or just watch some supercuts.

Title: Cloud Atlas [DVD]
Director and screenwriter: Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, and Andy Wachowski 
Publisher: Warner, 2013

 - Paul, Birkenhead Library

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  1. Cloud Atlas is my all-time favourite book of 2012 - the movie does not follow the excellent structure of the book (maybe that would be too confusing for movie-watchers) - and I can't remember if the movie accented the music as well as the book. Also, the scenes on the Pacific island were just wrong..


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