18 November, 2013

Brotherhood:dharma, destiny, and the American dream by Deepak Chopra and Sanjiv Chopra [Surani, Waitakere Central library]

In this unique book, Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra share the story of their personal struggles and triumphs as doctors, immigrants and brothers. The distinct voices of both brothers tell us their story of growing up in India surrounded by a loving family and goes on to recount their journey to America. The Chopras were among the most eager and ambitious of the new generation who emigrated to the United States in the 1970s.
We hear how Sanjiv struggled with a young family to reconcile the beliefs of his birthplace with those of his new home. Deepak's story took a different route and although he swiftly rose in the ranks of the hospital he worked for; he encountered resistance from the American doctors over what he called the mind-body connection. Eventually the brothers embraced America as the place to build their life and families, and went on to great achievements.

Filled with anecdotes from their own and their father's medical profession, the Chopra brothers hae made this memoir an exceptional read. I particularly enjoyed reading about Deepak's journey into Transition Meditation after he met Maharishi; and how he forged his way into becoming the great spiritual leader and best-selling author he is today!! Sanjiv's achievements are equally impressive as he went on to become a world-renowned medical expert in his field and a professor at Harvard Medical School!!

'Brotherhood' is a fascinating book that can inspire anyone to keep working hard at what you love and achieve well beyond your dreams.

I really enjoyed this book and I have my mother to thank for recommending it to me!!

Title: Brotherhood: dharma, destiny, and the American dream
Author: Deepak Chopra and Sanjiv Chopra
ISBN: 9780544032101
Published: 2013
Publisher: Boston, MA: New Harvest/Houghton Miffin Harcourt

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