30 October, 2013

Who Killed Scott Guy? The Case That Gripped A Nation by Mike White [Judy, Orewa Library]

On 08 July 2010, in the early hours of the morning, Scott Guy was shot on his way to milk cows on the family farm near Feilding. For months nobody was arrested, but when Scott's brother-in-law, Ewan Macdonald was accused of the murder by police, the public interest was huge.

This book covers the investigation and trial of the case. Ewan Macgregor's legal team was led by Greg King, top defence lawyer. King, as we know, was found dead in Wellington in November 2012.

The outcome of the trial was a 'Not Guilty' verdict on the murder charge. There was a definite lack of evidence, as shown by King and his team. However the book does not answer the question it poses in the title.

The book ends with a quote from King "I believe there is no greater sin that a state can commit than to wrongly convict and imprison an innocent person. And the enduring sense of injustice that that person must be going through, sitting in a prison cell in the middle of the night when they are innocent - it's too sickening to even contemplate, so we've got to get it right." Hear, hear.

Title: Who Killed Scott Guy?
Author: Mike White
Published: 2013
Publisher: Allen and Unwin

-Judy, Orewa Library

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