31 October, 2013

Other Kingdoms by Richard Matheson [Tim G, Northcote Library]

As the recipient of the Bram Stoker Life Time Achievement Award, and the title of Grand Master, Richard Matheson has been chilling hearts and denying sleep for over half a century. Knowing Matheson as author of I Am Legend, What Dreams May Come and screen writer of Stephen Spielberg's Duel, I delved into Other Kingdoms with the lights well and truly on.

This first person narrative is penned by the eighty-two year old Alex White, a well established horror author. Having waited sixty-four years to reveal the only true story of his life, he wields his dark and humorous wit one last time.

Fresh from the trenches and the arms of Harold, his dead friend, Alex decides to go in search of Gatford, Harold's mysterious and emphatically gorgeous hometown. Awaiting him is a cottage, oddly superstitious villagers and a forest path. Ignoring warnings to stay on the path, and away from the forest altogether, Alex finds himself embroiled in a sumptuously carnal, horrific and life threatening ordeal.

This story is a Grimm like fantasy, with a forest, other worlds, wicca, black magic and faeries.
If you are a fantasy horror fan like myself, you'd be hard pressed not to devour this book whole, just don't be ashamed to do it in a well lit room.

Title: Other Kingdoms
Author: Richard Matheson
ISBN: 9780765327680 (hbk.)
Published: 2011
Publisher: Tor Books

 - Tim G, Northcote Library

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