02 October, 2013

Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasures [Anne, Helensville Library]

Over the years, I've enjoyed Matt's recipes when he hosted Market Kitchen, so stumbling across this collection in a new book's list, was serendipitous.

Matt's cooking always came across as no-nonsense, but with little chef-y touches. Things you could happily whip up at home, without having to find odd ingredients. But flash enough to impress visitors.

Like many a recipe book, the food is divided into things like starters, mains, desserts, baking... Unlike most recipe books, it's how the recipes are sorted within the sections. The sections themselves are devoted to a specific 'guilty pleasure'... Like peanut butter... Or marmite... Or white bread.

Matt's intros to each recipe are also entertaining, well worth a read in themselves.

Don't believe me? Then do what I did - get it out the library, and then end up buying a personal copy.

Title: Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasures: Your Favourite Indulgences in 130 Easy Recipes
Author: Matt Tebbutt
ISBN: 9781782064671
Published: 2013
Publisher: Quercus

 - Anne, Helensville Library

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