14 October, 2013

10 Billion by Stephen Emmott [Paul, Birkenhead Library]

I wasn't going to read this book and then I did, on account of the fact that I flipped through it and was sufficiently irritated by a book tootling on about human extravagance using only one sixteenth of each page because thats so chic that I kept flippin, all the way to the back to read Emmott's considered conclusion about our situation in the "unprecedented planetary emergency we've created." It reads in part:

"I think we're f-"

I could go on, but you get the drift.

And because I happen to think something similar I then went back and read the book from go to woe (woe o woe), and I discovered that he may only be using one sixteenth of each page but this allows him to really punch out his message in a pummelly kind of way, so by the end my face had had a bit of a massage at least, and the message may even have imprinted itself further on in. Also, my hand has had a lot of exercise which is good too right, you fat b-

But lets not get ahead of myself. This is not really a book detailing any of the particularities of current political windiness and the urinating that goes on into the very face of the evidence, so to speak. No, its about the science, what the science says about what is, and what the science suggests we should be attempting. There are lots and lots of graphs which are very graphic. Don't be put of by the math tho, just note the curve: its up, exponentially so. Off the chart really.

Give it a go; it won't even hurt. That comes later, just ask the bees.

Title: 10 Billion
Author: Stephen Emmott
Publisher: Penguin, 2013.

 - Paul, Birkenhead Library

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