17 September, 2013

Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger [Paul, Birkenhead Library]

First things first: in case you were wondering there's no actual raven-on-postman menage a menagerie ooh la lah in this book. So don't go all Venn diagram mental rotation Heath Robinson on me. No, one day they fell in love, and then there's an egg. Hey... presto-bingo.

And then it hatches.

I really want to say more but you'll likely get all tiffy about spoilers, and then there'll be slaps with wet bus tickets at dawn, or something. Suffice to say it's a faerytale that Niffenegger has reworked as a prep for a choreographer to turn into a dance. Yup.

There are dark elements in this telling, modernized with creepy technological bits, and I think she did do a good job of reworking what I thought was going to be a standard lushy love tale, but overall I'd say it was a slight thing. A modest riff when you think of what the SFF genre gets up to. (But hey, its a swift read! I recommend charging into and through it in one go for the better impact. Okay it's a short story.) And maybe, given that its ComicBookMonth it's yet another reminder of how broad the possibilities of "comics" have become. Not that you need a reminder about anything, ever.

Anyway, I have to say its main interest for me is because its Niffenegger working up her doodly talent in tandem with her scribbly one. Certainly there's some good looking illustrations here. I liked the elaborate nest on the dorm bed and the one of the doctor drawn so it's oddly - painfully - reminiscent of the nest. And just admire the clutter of raven beaks and claws throughout the book..

Then read this fabulation of fables by Brian Wildsmith. Totally awesomer. Esp the donkey on page 111.

Title: Raven Girl
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
Published: 2013
Publisher: Jonathan Cape

 - Paul, Birkenhead Library


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  2. nice. the last one of hers i read was a suicidal librarian. but suicidal in a healthy, positive, constructive way.


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